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Manage issues with spouse, partner, workplace

Problems in Relationships

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Dr. Jasleen Kaur

Dr. Jasleen Kaur

PhD. Clinical Psychology

Expert: Relationship Counselling

Prof Naveen Kumar

Prof Naveen Kumar

PhD. Psychology

Expert: Managing Relationships at Work

Nupur Tiwari.jpg

Nupur Tiwari

Culture Ambassador to Japan, Life Coach

Expert: Problems With Someone You Love

Managing Problems in Married Life

Dr. Jasleen Kaur

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She has worked with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) and Indian AirForce with the battle-hardened soldiers consulting them on relationship issues caused as a result of long term separation because of war and work postings, the difference in opinions, mismatch between families, individual personalities and many more. She is an expert in relationship counseling, with further specialisation in matrimonial discords. Dr. Kaur has authored a book by the name Measures of Positive Psychology: Development and Validation.

Dr. Jasleen Kaur

Core Competencies

  • Worked as Clinical Psychologist at Vayu Sena Vatika(IAF) Gurgaon from April 2013 to March 2016 and as a Psychologist in 54ASP(IAF) since December 2015.

  • Worked in the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi from November 2010 till February 2013 on Positive Psychology and issues related to the well-being of women and adolescents. My work on women and adolescents has also been published in various peer-reviewed journals.

  • Six months of training in the Department of Pediatrics, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh from September 2004 to March 2005. 

  • Student counselor in the Guru Nanak Public School, Punjabi Bagh from January 2007 to February 2008, assisted more than 400 children and have interacted closely with their parents as well as teachers


  • PhD in Psychology

  • Qualified the UGC-NET Examination (Child Development)

  • Post Graduation in Home Science (Child Development)

Book Published

Kamlesh Singh, Mohita Junnarkar & Jasleen Kaur (2016). "Measures of Positive Psychology: Development and Validation". Springer India Pvt Ltd

Published Papers

  • Kamlesh Singh, Mohita Junnarkar, Snehlata Jaswal & Jasleen Kaur. (2016). Validation of Meaning in Life Questionnaire in Hindi (MLQ-H). Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 19(5), 448-458.

  • Kamlesh Singh , Anjali Jain, Jasleen Kaur, Mohita Junnarkar& Alena Slezackov. (2016). Cross-Cultural Differences on Gunas and other well-being dimensions. Asian Journal of Psychiatry , 24,139-146.

  • Kamlesh Singh, Jasleen Kaur & Dalbir Singh. (2014). Factors Affecting Well-Being of Rural Indian Women :A Review. Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies,4(1), 180-196. This paper was declared the best paper of the issue.

  • Kamlesh Singh, Jasleen Kaur , Dalbir Singh, & Mohita Junnarkar .(2014). Socio-Demographic Variables Affecting Well-Being: A Study on Indian Rural Women .Psychological Studies, 59 (2), 197-206

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

If you feel helpless in sorting out issues with your spouse but are actively looking forward to resolving it, set up an appointment with her to see how she can put life back into your relationship

Managing Relationships at Work

Prof. Navin Kumar

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Workplaces can be daunting for the toughest of the professionals. On the other hand managing home needs a completely different set of skills. Needless to say, almost everyone in the society faces challenges at one or both the places. Prof. Kumar is a celebrity in the field of psychology, he has been teaching and counselling for over 20 years now. No debate on TV is complete without his presence. He has published two books that are used to teach master level students and is an Executive editor Journal of positive psychology. Do not treat these issues lightly especially when help is just a call away

Prof Naveen Kumar

Area of Work

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Child Psychology

  • Criminal Psychology

  • Social psychology

  • Media psychology

  • Qualitative research

  • Positive psychology

  • Motivational Speaker


  • M.A. Applied Psychology Ph.D. Psychology, Delhi University

Academic Affiliations

  • Executive editor, Journal of Positive Psychology. (ISSN- 2249-6254)

  • Executive editor, Academia: An international multi – disciplinary journal. (ISSN -23950161)

  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, The Learning Curve, Psychology journal of Lady Shri Ram College. (ISSN – 2321 -7057)

  • Life member NAOP

  • Life member Indian Science Congress

  • Life member Indian Association of positive psychology

  • Life member Indian career development association

  • Member Journal Review committee (Carmel College, Goa)

  • Member Area advisory board (Amity University, Noida)

  • Member expert committee of ICSSR.

Member of Select Committee

  • Member of M. Phil. Clinical Psychology Committee, Institute of Human BehaviourAllied Sciences (IBHAS)

  • Member Post Graduate Board of Research Studies (PGBORS), Department of Psychology, Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind, Haryana.

  • Member DRC (Departmental research committee) Amity University, Noida.

  • Member of UGC Learning Outcome based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for psychology, 2018.

  • Member Research Monitoring Committee of a research project between J.N.U. and Border Security Force (BSF) on Reason’s and ramifications of stress among B.S.F. Personnel.

  • Member of selection committees as an expert in psychology in different Maharatna and Navratna PSUs and government organizations for the selection of executive trainees for more than 20 years. PSU include NTPC, GAIL, Indian Oil Corporation and organizations like CRPF, ITBP, SSB, BCPL, Solar Energy Corporation of India and Infosys

Published Research Work

  • A Critical analysis of social justice, collective identity, prejudice and stereotype: social and psychological perspective of the works of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar”, published in The Journal of Cyber News, Vol 7, number 1& 2. ISSN- 09760709. UGC affiliation no- 4439.

  • “Reciprocal Altruism and psychological sources of will and its impact on military psychology”, published in IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Reviews. June 2017. 145-147. ISSN -2347-3797. UGC No- 41948.

  • Counseling for community wellbeing and happiness”. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing. June 2017, 492-497. ISSN – 222-9-5356, Online ISSN- 2321-3698. Impact factor -0.47. UGC No- 42787. 

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 999 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Set up an appointment with Prof. Navin and his team to see how they can help you manage life well

Manage Problems with Someone You Love

Nupur Tewari

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Everyone at some point in life we had a love interest that did not work out. Whatever was the status of a relationship, not having one's wishes fulfilled leaves an ocean of low self-esteem and sorrow in the heart. The troubles are further compounded when the relationship is a long-standing one.

Nupur Tewari is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning transformation coach, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, community empowerment expert, an expert on Japanese productivity management, yoga consultant and a philanthropist. She is the founder of HealTokyo and HealIndya. Try doing a video and image search with just her name, her achievements far outweigh age. She comes from, a small city in West Bengal and has seen the big and small in life and has analysed every moment well to reach a level where she is truly optimistic, inspiring and real. 

A little more about Nupur, she has been awarded and recognized by the “Nargis Dutt Foundation, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce, SBI Foundation, Global Mice and UP Book of World Record for being the most fabulous woman leader in spiritual healing yoga, motivational speaking and transformational coaching. Also she has been recognized by the UN for helping women and children in Srilanka.

The width and depth of her experience can help her understand your problems well. 

Nupur Tiwari.jpg

Runs a Charity

Heal Tokyo is a socially motivated movement by Nupur Tewari focusing on the core problems

of people in Japan and India. Education and work stress being the core problems of India and

Japan respectively, Heal Tokyo is a unique way of addressing them at once. Nupur runs her

Heal Tokyo project in Tokyo where she teaches Yoga across companies, public places,

university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without

charging the participants anything at various places in Japan

A Cultural Ambassador to Japan

Nupur has been an ambassador of tourism in Kyushu region of Japan and has been involved in

hosting multiple TV and cultural shows in Japan in last 13 Years. Nupur’s endeavors in travel

and tourism along with her rhythms in Indian culture made her a loved figure in various

academic campuses in India. She has been a guest speaker at prestigious campuses of Indian

Institute of Travel Tourism and Management in Gwalior, Noida and Bhubaneshwar in India.


Nupur has been Cultural Ambassador of India in Fukuoka for 14 years - from the year 2003 to

2017, before moving to Tokyo.Nupur believes in positivity and charm, and that made her

realize her own dream of doing movies, dramas and fashion shows. Her latest endeavor is to

organize India's first talk show on TV to host people from rural areas for their stories of change

and motivation.

Tales of Travel and Discourses

Nupur travelled to various cities during her 18-day stint in India in December–January 2018,

when she held yoga and motivational sessions for thousands of youths in various institutions

like Amity University, JC Bose science and technology university, Punjab University, Agra

University, LNIPU University, KR Mangalam University, Gurugram University, Sri Viswakarma

Management University, IIEBM Pune, KEIT Ghaziabad, and Mody University in Rajasthan.


However, her motivational address at the Rotary Public School in Gurugram near New

Delhi turned up as the true manifestation of her magical healing touch. Also the Womanity

Foundation and SBI Foundation presented to her the special Recognition of Innovation towards

Social Change for the Heal Tokyo initiative. She also held yoga and motivation sessions at

Lakshamibai National institute of Physical Education, Gwalior. Nupur chose to kick start the

year 2019 on a divine note. When the world was busy celebrating New Year festivities on

December 31 night, she led a group of young volunteers, hit the dark streets of Gurugram near

New Delhi to spend time with homeless poor people shivering in bitter cold, and offered them

the warmth of blankets and food.

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Set up an appointment with her to see how she can use all her might and experience to take you out of your worries and sadness

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