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harbhajan Kohli

Harbhajan Kohli

Reiki care

Reiki Healer & Tarot Reader

Aacharya Pradeep Vaid

Aachariye Pradeep K Vaid



Harbhajan Kohli-Reiki Care

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Experience: 21 years

Mrs. Kohli began the practice of Reiki in the 1999. In the last 21 years she has added many modalities that reinforce her ability to heal through Reiki. A quick chat with her will tell you how she has changed lives of men & women suffering from bad health, failure in career, poor finances, bad relationships, lack of desired success and more. She has a dedicated You Tube channel that details about all the techniques she uses to heal people. 

harbhajan Kohli

Modalities She Practices

  • Healing: Over 22 Years of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Angel healing, PLR, Acess Bar, Sujok, Color Therapy, DNA healing, Feng Shui, EFT and Tarot

Consultation & Fee

Fee: Free for a 20mins call on Zoom App

Set up an appointment with her to can change the way you live, work and associate with people around you 

Rebuilding Life through Counselling & Astrology

Aacharya Pradeep Vaid

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Experience: 45+ Years

Location: Gurgaon

A change in the quality of life is not just a matter of astrological corrections but also a matter of correction in the way we think and feel. Poor performance at work, relationships etc affect us deeply and stop us from enjoying life. Acharya Pradeep along with being an acharya was also a corporate HR head with over 42 years of hands-on experience in handling " Human Intricacies". He started his spiritual journey with his grandmother and mother. Shri Paramhansa Yogananda his Guru started coming to his life through different yogis, was also blessed by Shri Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Swami Chinmayanand and Shri Sathya Sai Baba. Completed Inner Engineering as well as the course of Dr. Deepak Chopra and was blessed one year back by Shri Siddheshwar Ji 84 year young Yogi with Siddhis. (Direct disciple of Devaraha Baba). Acharya Vaid brings the right mix between corporate life and spirituality.

Aacharya Pradeep Vaid


  • Alankar, Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan in 2010

  • Palmistry from Prof Pradyumn Narain Singh in 1980

  • M. Com Allahabad University, 

  • M. B. A. Lucknow University, 

  • PGDM in Corporate Laws and Company Secretary from Indian Law Institute 

  • Currently pursuing Vaidik studies from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

A quick conversation with him will make you realise how life can be optimised with corrections in astrology and the way are in our thoughts and emotions.

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