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Upendra Karmahe
JP Legal

Upendra Karmahe

L.L.B (Delhi University)

Expert: Company & Commercial Law

Piyush Joshi

J P Legal

Expert: IP, Corporate Law, NCLT, Labour Laws

Help with Company & Commercial Law

Upendra Karmahe (Law Firm: Aid legal)

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Location: New Delhi

Experience: 10 years 

Education: LLB (Delhi University)

Courts he is associated with:

Delhi High Court

All District Courts in Delhi

Upendra Karmahe


Keen analyst with an eye for detail, possessing highest level of legal aptitude & understanding and therefore able to quickly identify, priorities & address key issues suggesting/executing best possible solutions. Focused and pragmatic with strong interpersonal, communication & presentation skills; comfortable interacting with senior management and able to work well with varying levels of employees/associates throughout the organization. Ready to tackle challenges head-on

Upendra has over 10 years of legal expertise, blending civil and corporate law. He has been practicing with all distt courts in Delhi and Delhi high court. He was on the legal panel with Korean MNC and advises to many Indian and foreign corporates.


  • Civil & Criminal Procedure Code

  • Consumer Protection Act,

  • Companies Law

  • Labor & Industrial Law

  • Law of Contract

  • Negotiable Instrument Act

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Law of Arbitration

  • Pleading & Conveyances

  • Commercial & Business Laws

  • Law of Evidence

  • Law of Limitation

  • Drug & Cosmetics Act

  • FSSI/PFA Act

  • Legal Meteorology Act

Scope of Work

  • Undertaking compliance under Companies Law, FSSI, Legal Meteorology, Drug & Cosmetics Acts and Labor Law as & when so required

  • Structuring, drafting & inspecting Petition, Plaints, Written Statements, Counter Claims, Counter Affidavit, Complaints, Notices, Replies, Letters etc. 

  • Structuring, drafting & inspecting General & Complex Commercial Contracts including but not limited to Distribution Agreements, Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement, Vendor Agreement, Consultancy Agreement, Software Agreements, Employment Contract, Sale & Purchase Agreement, Supply & Service Agreement, Licensing Agreements, IT Contracts etc. and other legal instruments e.g. Lease/License Agreement, Assignment Deed, Letter of Intent, Undertaking, Deed of Guarantee, MOU, POA

  • Highlighting issues which are likely to have revenue implications and exposure to legal, financial and statutory risks so as to secure the company’s interest and compliance with laws & regulations and also ensuring that any contractual obligation of the company under any contract is not in conflict with that arising under any other contract.   

  • Development and improvisation towards standadrisation of contract,  templates, formats etc.

  • Responsible for systematic and efficient database maintenance of contracts, legal or extra-legal documents so as to ensure their convenient tracking, due diligence & obviation of irregularity and thus maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk


  • Rendering opinions on various matters after scrutinizing the documents and evaluating the strength/weakness of any prospective litigation; 

  • Conducing cases/suits ordinary as well as summary suits, consumer cases, 138 NI Act, civil recovery suits, infringement/damage suits, Arbitration proceedings, execution of award or decree & warrants, criminal complaints etc. and representing Company in various courts/forums e.g. District Courts, High Courts, Tribunals, Administrative Offices or Regularity Authorities throughout the country;

  • Manage multiple cases/matters/actions in various jurisdictions simultaneously;

  • Develop and implement litigation plans for each case, conducting extensive research work and finding case laws, prepare records by assessing the cases and maintain evidences for the same for future litigation;

  • Appoint, liaise with & manage external lawyers, providing them with the particulars and instructions; 

  • Handling pre-post litigation cases and finding amicable settlements, if possible through conciliation /negotiation at different levels in order to minimize litigation.

Risk Mitigation, Legal Advisory & Liaising

  • Legal Advisory role providing legal opinion & support to sales and marketing teams concerning their marketing and distribution activities, overall business operation and matters incidental or ancillary thereto so as to be legally compliant and thus ensuring smooth business operation; 

  • Identification and analysis of risks and pointing out issues to be taken care of towards risk management and in this way contributing toward risk mitigation.  

  • As and when necessary visit government officials across the country for liaising, coordination and negotiations in the interest of the Company and its distributors.


  • Bar Council of Delhi

  • Delhi Bar Association Tis Hazari

  • Saket Bar Association


  • LLB 2011: Campus Law Center, Delhi University    

  • B.Sc. (Hons.) 2002

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

His firm has other of lawyers who can help you with all issues related to company & commercial laws. Set up an appointment with him to how your problems can be sorted out.  

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Advise for Intellectual Property, Labor, Corporate Laws & NCLT

Piyush Joshi (Law Firm: JP Legal)


JP Legal

Founded June 2005

Location: New Delhi, Mumbai


Associated with:

Delhi High Court

Distt. Courts in Delhi

Mumbai High Court

Mumbai Distt Courts


Commercial, Trademark, Intellectual Property & Labour Laws

  • They have a wide range of expertise including trademarks, copyright, patents, designs, infringement, passing off, confidential information, registration, transfers, licensing etc. Their trademark services include legal advice with an aim of avoiding instances of trademark infringement; lodging applications for registration through to litigation in asserting legal rights and defending those rights.

  • Dispute Resolution: They handle a wide variety of civil disputes and proceedings, arbitrations, statutory and regulatory proceedings, criminal proceedings in a corporate context and assisting in formulating litigation strategies relating to corporate transactions. Any dispute in Media over intellectual property and other laws related to Entertainment & Media

Labour & Employment Laws

  • The firm has dedicated Labour & Employment practice is adept at handling all labour and employment-related matters. They regularly advise clients on employment-related agreements, engagement of consultants, executive compensation, statutory compliance (including social security contributions, employee benefits including maternity benefits, statutory bonus and other liabilities), drafting, vetting, and designing human resource and personnel policies and manuals, Labour disputes and employee claims, confidentiality and data protection issues, structuring and implementing employee stock options and incentive plans, expatriate employment and secondments, voluntary retirement schemes, assignment of intellectual property rights and review of collective bargaining agreements and charters of demand.

  • They also review and coordinate industrial relations issues for transactions, including documentation related to transfer of employees pursuant to business or asset transfers, employment due diligence, and advice on internal restructurings or ongoing company management issues relating to domestic enquiry procedures.

  • The firm assists and advise clients in managing human resources related crises and sensitive terminations which include enveloping strategy and documentation for separation or exit of senior management personnel and other employees

Intellectual property and other laws related to Entertainment & Media

  • The Firm has a well-established practice with core expertise in Intellectual Property rights with specialist, experienced and dual-qualified lawyers assisted by patent agents having a wide range of expertise including trademarks, copyright, patents, designs, infringement, passing off, confidential information, registration, transfers, licensing etc.

  • Their team of transactional lawyers have continuously been evolving facilitating business deals, negotiation tactics, strategic business initiatives, and other contractual matters involved in the business (i.e. production deals, talent deals, financing deals, etc.), even when no other party than the client is involved (i.e. business formation, trademarks, copyrights, etc.). Some of the clients, who have been utilizing our diverse legal services for media and entertainment quite profitably, include film production companies, producers, film and TV channels, artists, actors, film financiers, and other professionals involved in the activities and businesses of the media and entertainment industry.

Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency

  • The firm's expertise in restructuring and insolvency help maximize recovery, protect business or investment, preserve critical relationships, and minimize write-offs. However, if a client’s distressed situation is not resolved through a recovery platform, then they further work to formulate strategies that may guide the clients through the process of insolvency.

  • JP Legal has handled matters across multiple industries including media, entertainment, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and real estate. They have advised on the largest and most complex restructurings, and pride ourselves on providing pioneering solutions as well as real commercial results.

  • To provide a seamless and integrated service, the firm works closely with specialists in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, pension, tax, environment, regulatory, capital markets and litigation.

  • The firm also advises defaulting companies, lenders, and investors at all levels of the capital structure as well as corporates/directors, defaulting companies, banks, insolvency officeholders/trustees and government institutions

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 799 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

The firm has a battery of lawyers who can help you in all trademark, commercial, labour IP et al related matters. Have a look at their profile below and schedule an appointment with them to know how your problems can be sorted out

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