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Welcome to the Knowledge Helpline

The Internet is a great place to solve your problems. But sometimes search results do not completely answer the questions or the content may be too general. At Convoledge we pick it up where the internet leaves you, offering information that is specific to you and complete. We have invited over 17 specialists ranging from law, career counselors, doctors, astrologers, child psychologists & many more who are always prepared to answer those difficult and important question that bother you. Our consultants are well-informed, experienced and carry a great attitude. Only a few qualify to work with us.

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how to choose a career

Find out with the help of experts what career suits your talent, skills & personality. They conduct over 4 detailed tests to get the conclusion. Once you have made a choice, speak to someone who now works in that profession. Ask the person what it means being in that job, money, growth, opportunities abroad, set-offs & more. Know the truth and then take a plunge

how to manage a difficult child

Parenting can be complicated for a variety of reasons. Natural skills and advise from friends & relatives can sometimes be not enough. If it feels like you are running out of ideas, asking a professional to guide you is not a matter of shame, they are trained to just do that. We have handpicked a few child Psychologists with enough experience and knowledge, they for sure can help you out

medical consultation in USA

Our battery of Neurologist & Oncologist based out of the USA are trained in the latest treatment protocols, run their clinics or are attached to the best of the lot in their region. Do refer to them for a second opinion about the health issues bothering you or a loved one

managing relationships

Relationships are everywhere and so are the problems, be it work, home or a romantic one. If you are facing trouble with someone, we suggest seeking assistance who has seen many with similar problems. So instead of worrying & suffering in silence speak to an expert as your mental health is important

how to get the best out of investments

Fantastic returns happen when a portfolio has a mix of different financial instruments. A lot of information is available on the web that can guide you to make a choice but managing investments requires expertise, ability to manage risks and timing the market. Speak to our experts to know if you have got the right mix and have set financial goals correctly

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that helps recover from illness, failure in career, relationships and many other problems. In order to restructure life to make it all powerful, it is important to change the way we think and correct any astrological defect that may be present. Our experts in this field have experience of not a few years but three generations. If you are going through a rough patch do have a word with them to see how they can help

coping depression

Absence of someone who we lived with for long can be devastating. It takes substantial efforts to cope with the new reality. Events like failure in career and relationships can lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It is best that in such circumstances we immediately speak with clinical psychologist and other experts who have counseled many going through such difficult situations. Give your well being a good chance

Solutions for People

Click the specialty of your choice and then a specialist

consult an expereinced astrologer and good tarot reader

Astrologers are everywhere but ours have experience of three generations. Consult him to see how can he help with whatever us bothering you.

Reading Tarot cards requires not just good knowledge of the deck but also have intuition and psychic ability. Our expert brings together multiple spiritual techniques to understand what the cards indicate. Do speak with them and see how they can be of help

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Solutions for a Corporate

Click the specialty of your choice and then a specialist

photoshoot at low cost

Move beyond stock photos and free web images to give your brand its own identity. You may think it's an expensive affair but it actually is not. See how you can transform your brand with a photoshoot, corporate video, ad films & more at super low prices

consult a lawyer

Questions about law and its applicability can be complicated, our lawyers from top law firms are here to assist in problems with but not limited to copyright issues, Intellectual Property, Employment Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Labour Disputes, Insolvency

understanding customer psychology

In order to understand why and how a customer chooses a brand, his relationship with the purchase and perception of all communication he sees, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of how he thinks. The experts we have onboard  have spent years researching buyer behaviour and have consulted major brands. So before you send out the next communication,  schedule an appointment with our expert and take an informed & researched decision

compliance for business

Our experts are here to help you assess the value of your company, raise funds up to the VC round, company registration, compliance & taxation. If you are an established corporate and are looking for someone who can help you streamline your accounting, audit, transactions, contracts and other finances, we have people who with years of experience in giant companies can assist you

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