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Hurray! Our events are back on track

Here is the 1st one for the year 2022

Ask Krishna!

Date: From 16th of April till 28st of May 2022

Time: 19:30hrs to 21:00hrs

Duration: 90minutes/session

Frequency: 7 sessions spread over 7 weeks. One session per week

Q&A: 12 questions over 7 weeks 

What happens there?

We requested ISKON to send some of its best scholars to discuss problems that you face often and are unable to get away with. These problems can be recent or old, about finance, relationships, career, business or else. These learned men will help understand what is causing these issues, look for solutions within, get into harmony with life and people and finally be at peace for years to come. The secret lies in understanding how our thoughts, feelings, actions and lack of knowledge affects the situation each of us is in

How will it be done:

It is impossible to crash everything in one hour or even one day, therefore everything was spread out thin. Each session starts with a topic that is extensively discussed for an hour and is followed by 30mins of Q&A. A new topic is picked up every week and is discussed in the same way. The sessions are designed in a way that would help you find the root cause, solution to any problem that may be bothering you. The topics are picked up by scholars who see many people every day and have a deep understanding of how to solve them. If at any moment a question pops up in your head (which ideally should), you should just text in your question and someone from ISKON will call you back to discuss. Details are mentioned below

List of Topics:

1. Quest for Happiness 
2. Does God Really Exist
3. One God or many Gods
4. Who am I
5. Why Bad things happen to good people
6. Solution to all the Problems: Yoga for modern age
7. Practical Spirituality 

ISKON suggests that it takes time and understanding to sort problems out permanently. It is therefore important you do all the sessions or as many as you can

How many questions can I ask?

You may ask 2 questions free per week. Mail in the question to or WhatsApp the question to +919910485454 us and we will arrange a call back

What if you have more than 2 questions to ask?

We suggest you write them down somewhere they do not get lost. Let the sessions unfold and check repeatedly to see if they remain unanswered. But if you do not wish to wait, simply buy more questions by clicking on the link below

What happens after 7 weeks?

You will be feeling strong, sorted and resolved. Problems will never cease to exist, but you will be equipped to handle them with confidence and get over them like a winner.  

After the booking you will receive a link to Zoom meetings. Please do not share the link with anyone. Should you wish to discuss anything before or after the booking, please call +919910485454 or chat using WhatsApp by clicking on the icon below

Fee for sessions (all sessions for 7 weeks): Rs. 249
Fee for add-on questions: Rs. 100/question

No upcoming events at the moment
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