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Coping with problems

Cope with Depression, Loss & Failure

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Aparna Gupta

M. Phil. Clinical Psychology

Expert: Coping Failure & Depression

Prof Naveen Kumar

Prof. Naveen Kumar

Ph.D. Psychology

Expert: Coping Depression

Nupur Tiwari

Nupur Tiwari

Culture Ambassador to Japan, Life Coach

Expert: Coping Loss of Loved One

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Kriti Kamal

M.A. Psychology

Expert: Family Matters & Workplace Burnout

Coping Failure & Depression

Aparna Gupta

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Loss of a loved one can often leave a person devastated. The void seems impossible to fill. Similarly, failure in business, career, or relationships can damage self-esteem and push the person into hopelessness. In moments like these, an expert's help is of much use. They are trained with techniques that can give you the strength and direction that is required to come out of your problems

Aparna Gupta is a certified CBT practitioner for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Somatoform Disorders and OCD from Salford, UK. Aparna is also proficient in the use of other therapies such as DBT, Mindfulness, ACT, Motivation Enhancement, Behaviour Therapy etc, for treating various psychiatric disorders such as personality disorders, psychosis etc. 

A clinical psychologist with wide and deep experience in the fields of psychology and special education in both India and abroad. She has a pleasant, warm, compassionate and an insightful personality that helps her get the best out of her patients. Having worked extensively with children and student population she is well versed with learning disorders, ADHD, misconduct, social skills deficit, academic performance, relationship issues and behaviour problems


Areas of Work

  • Clinical Psychology  

  • Child Psychology

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Treatment

  • Psychotherapy Adult

  • Pre-Marital Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Personality Assessment

  • Special Education


  • Proficiency in Psychology - 1988 

  • M.Ed Special Education - SNDT, Mumbai, 2005 

  • M.Phil - Clinical Psychology - Amity Insitute of Psychology And Allied Sciences, 2018

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Stress is difficult to handle and should not be done alone. Even if you have people around you who care for you, help of a trained counselor is still valuable. Set up an appointment with her to see how she can assist you in your problems

Coping with Depression

Prof. Navin Kumar

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Prof Navin Kumar works at Delhi University and has been counseling people and training counselors for over 20 years now. He has unmatched experience in handling people who need help with the loss of loved ones, failure in life and depression. Over the years he has consulted thousands of patients and trained many counselors in this art. He has published two books that are used to teach master level students and devotes time as an executive editor of the Journal of Positive Psychology.


Area of Work

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Child Psychology

  • Criminal Psychology

  • Social psychology

  • Media psychology

  • Qualitative research

  • Positive psychology

  • Motivational Speaker


  • M.A. Applied Psychology

  • Ph.D. Psychology, Delhi University

Academic Affiliations

  • Executive editor, Journal of Positive Psychology. (ISSN- 2249-6254)

  • Executive editor, Academia: An international multi – disciplinary journal. (ISSN -23950161)

  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, The Learning Curve, Psychology journal of Lady Shri Ram College.

  • Life member NAOP

  • Life member Indian Science Congress

  • Life member Indian Association of positive psychology

  • Life member Indian career development association

  • Member Journal Review committee (Carmel College, Goa)

  • Member Area advisory board (Amity University, Noida)

  • Member expert committee of ICSSR.

Member of Select Committee

  • Member of M. Phil. Clinical Psychology Committee, Institute of Human BehaviourAllied Sciences (IBHAS)

  • Member Post Graduate Board of Research Studies (PGBORS), Department of Psychology, Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind, Haryana.

  • Member DRC (Departmental research committee) Amity University, Noida.

  • Member of UGC Learning Outcome based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for psychology, 2018.

  • Member Research Monitoring Committee of a research project between J.N.U. and Border Security Force (BSF) on Reason’s and ramifications of stress among B.S.F. Personnel.

  • Member of selection committees as an expert in psychology in different Maharatna and Navratna PSUs and government organizations for the selection of executive trainees for more than 20 years. PSU include NTPC, GAIL, Indian Oil Corporation and organizations like CRPF, ITBP, SSB, BCPL, Solar Energy Corporation of India and Infosys

Published Research Work

  • A Critical analysis of social justice, collective identity, prejudice and stereotype: social and psychological perspective of the works of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar”, published in The Journal of Cyber News, Vol 7, number 1& 2. ISSN- 09760709. UGC affiliation no- 4439.

  • “Reciprocal Altruism and psychological sources of will and its impact on military psychology”, published in IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Reviews. June 2017. 145-147. ISSN -2347-3797. UGC No- 41948.

  • Counseling for community wellbeing and happiness”. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing. June 2017, 492-497. ISSN – 222-9-5356, Online ISSN- 2321-3698. Impact factor -0.47. UGC No- 42787. 

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 999 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Set up a call with him and his team to see how they can help you cope with your problems however deep they may sit

Coping with Loss of a Loved One with

Nupur Tewari

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It would take a simple Google search will tell who she is. Nupur Tewari has seen people from different cultures and backgrounds go through the ups and downs. In her career spanning from India to Japan she has worked with the UN and other charitable organisations holding awareness programmes about Mental Health & Drug abuse, Stress, Emotional Parenting, Suicide and Prevention, Depression, Anxiety, Behavioural Problem. She is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning transformation coach, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, community empowerment expert

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Runs a Charity

Heal Tokyo is a socially motivated movement by Nupur Tewari focusing on the core problems

of people in Japan and India. Education and work stress being the core problems of India and

Japan respectively, Heal Tokyo is a unique way of addressing them at once. Nupur runs her

Heal Tokyo project in Tokyo where she teaches Yoga across companies, public places,

university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without

charging the participants anything at various places in Japan.

A Cultural Ambassador to Japan

Nupur has been an ambassador of tourism in Kyushu region of Japan and has been involved in

hosting multiple TV and cultural shows in Japan in last 13 Years. Nupur’s endeavors in travel

and tourism along with her rhythms in Indian culture made her a loved figure in various

academic campuses in India. She has been a guest speaker at prestigious campuses of Indian

Institute of Travel Tourism and Management in Gwalior, Noida and Bhubaneshwar in India.


Nupur has been Cultural Ambassador of India in Fukuoka for 14 years - from the year 2003 to

2017, before moving to Tokyo.Nupur believes in positivity and charm, and that made her

realize her own dream of doing movies, dramas and fashion shows. Her latest endeavor is to

organize India's first talk show on TV to host people from rural areas for their stories of change

and motivation.

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Make use of her very wide understanding of Human Psychology, set up a call with her to see how she can help with your transition from the deepest set problems

Family Matters & Workplace Burnout

Kriti Kamal

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Kriti is a certified occupational psychologist, student & parent counselor, transformation coach and a healer. She currently handles professionals facing workplace anxiety and stress, students and individuals facing relationship issues at home. Her academic and professional experience help her understand intricacies and fine balances that are required to maintain and succeed at domestic and professional relationships. You should consult her if your efforts at creating harmony at any of the two fronts is not reaching the desired fruition   

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  • M. A. Psychology, IGNOU, 2016-2019

  • P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling, JMI University, 2019-2020

  • Advance Certificate in Counseling and Psychotherapy, 2019

  • Career Counseling Certification, GCC-UCLA Extension, 2018

  • B. Ed., Panjab University, 2018-2020

  • Professional Certificate in Image Management, Image Consulting Business Institute


  • Self Employed as Counsellor, Family & Occupational Psychologist and Healer

  • Counselor at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mohali (Contractual) 2019-2020

  • Women Empowerment Coaching, Assam Rifles Women Welfare Association

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 45 mins call on Zoom App

Make use of her very wide understanding of Human Psychology, set up a call with her to see how she can help with your transition from the deepest set problems

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