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Choose the right career

How to Choose a Career & What it Means Being in it

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Inner Space Consultants

Career Counselling

samir nath

Sameer Nath

Institute of Cost Accounting

Expert: How to prepare for a career in audit & finance

Prof Naveen Kumar

Prof. Navin Kumar

PhD. Psychology, Professor University of Delhi 

Expert: How to prepare for a career in Psychology

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Nupur Tiwari

Culture Ambassador to Japan, Life Coach

Expert: How to prepare for a career as a motivational speaker

How to Choose the Right Career?

The Inner Space Consultants

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Inner Space Consultants are all about unraveling your thoughts, personality, emotional makeup to match with what's best for you. Naturally, everyone seeks advice from parents and friends before deciding what career to choose. In a world that gives unlimited choices, professional guidance is as important as a personal one. Inner space consultants can help you take an informed decision


The Way it Works

A holistic approach:

  • A. battery of tests: A few select tests to understand your aptitude, attitude and areas of interests. This step takes around 3-4 hrs approximately.
    B. Analysis: This analysis works at three levels:
       I. Psychological: Understanding frame of mind, strengths, etc.
       II. Aptitude: The tests undertaken by you would help in gauging your aptitude in various fields.
       III. Matching Careers: Results are then match with a list of desired competencies for over 100 careers.
    C. Report Writing and Sharing: Within two days of your taking the test, you would receive a detailed report. This report contains all the findings and suggestions for your choice of careers

Important to Know

  • The evaluation emphasis on you understanding yourself. An informed decision helps choose a carrer that the person will relish for years to come. New careers emerge every day and decision based on a topical understanding of personality can go wrong. A detailed understanding is therefore required to  help make accurate judgements

  • Many well known names have switched careers after earning a degree and practcing whatever they were trained to do. Harsha Bhogle finally gave into his interest in cricket, after passing out from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. Shekhar Kapoor left a flourishing Chartered Accountancy career in the UK to be a film director. Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble moved from being engineers to being cricketers

People behind Inner Space Consultancy

The venture started by Varsha Agrawal and Neeraj Agarwal. They started 25 years ago with Corporate Training, Executive Coaching, Competency Framework, Psychometric Assessments, OD Interventions and Recruitment. Years of work with the corporate helped them foray into career guidance programs that were started some 15 years back. They have worked with students from Modern School Barakhamba, Apeejay, Mother’s International, Wynberg Allen Mussorie, Children’s Academy Lakhimpur, Sunbeam Schools in Varanasi, to name a few. 

Certification and Accreditation

Between the two of them, they have the following accreditations related to counseling:

  • Certified Executive Coach by ICF (International Coach Federation) though Results Coaching System

  • MBTI Qualified by APT (Association of Psychological Types), USA, trained by Ms Linda Kirby

  • Certified on CB5, a psychometric test based on Big Five Factors Model

  • Certified on PPA DISC Profile by Thomas International

  • TAT certified (Thematic Appreciation Test)

  • Certified on Construction of Psychometric Tools

  • Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins

Consultation & Fee

  • Consultation: Over 90mins testing and consultation done through online systems

Varsha Agrawal Speaks

Before you take the tests, we recommend you speak with Varsha Agarwal at Inner Space Consultants and understand what the tests are all about and how they will help you. You can Whatsapp her at @ +919999092822 to fix a suitable time. After the conversation, you are welcome to come back and book your tests here

Fee Rs. 3500 for a 90mins call on Zoom App

Preparing for a Career in Finance or Audit?

Samir Nath

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Everyone has dreams and a target. But will the skills take you have will take where you wish to reach? Club the report from Inner Space Consultants to check with professionals the reality of the profession you are planning for yourself. Learn how difficult it is to succeed, the money, time it takes and the chances to achieve what you wish for yourself. We have invited Samir to help you get the answers. He is now an EVP of a financial and process advisory firm and has been the financial controller for companies like BHEL and L&T. Previously he has worked in MNCs & large Indian corporates. Set up an appointment with him to see if you are truly prepared for a career in finance

samir nath


  • Institute of Cost Accountants of India

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), Calcutta University

  • General Management Program, NITIE

  • Marine Insurance Program, United India Insurance

  • Forex Management, SBI Bhopal

  • Young Manager’s Program, HRDI BHEL Noida 

Core Competencies

  • Financial Modelling and Valuation

  • Comparable Analysis for Distribution and Logistics Strategies

  • Financial Reporting under IFRS and Ind AS

  • Developing and evolving Reporting for MIS

  • Designing and Developing Financial and Operational processes with key metrics

  • Audit Coordination with Big Four and CAG auditors

  • Profit planning, Rolling Forecasts and Variance Analysis

  • Project and Business Controlling for Power Projects

  • Risk Management

  • Indirect Taxes and Direct Taxes compliance and Assessment, deemed export benefits

  • Cost Base with actualization of overhead recovery coefficients

  • Designing and reviewing Internal Controls and Internal Audit programmes

  • Treasury & Corporate Finance, Trade Finance, Cash Management, Fund and Working Capital Management

  • SAP implementation

Corporate Associations

  • Mindstone Maven LLP, Executive Vice President Finance

  • Arvos Energy India Pvt. Ltd. DGM Finance (Retainership) 

  • Bael Trade & Commercial Finance Services Pvt. Ltd, Director & Co-Founder Investment Boutique

  • UEM India Private Limited, General Manager - Finance 

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 699 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Set up an appointment with him to see if you are truly prepared for a carrer in finance

How to Prepare for Career as in Psychology

Prof. Navin Kumar

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If you know that you have what it takes to be a psychologist, speak to someone who has spent considerable no.of years in the field and has seen many become successful. He is a celebrity in the field of psychology. No debate on TV is complete without his presence. In his 20 years of consulting & teaching experience, he has published two books that are used to teach master level students. Also an Executive editor Journal of positive psychology, a monitoring committee member BSF (Border Security Force) & Ministry of Home Affairs on stress management. 


A simple google search about him will give you many pages of results. In these 20 years of consulting & teaching experience, he has published two books that are used to teach master level students. 

Prof Naveen Kumar

Area of Work

  • Child Psychology

  • Criminal Psychology

  • Social psychology

  • Media psychology

  • Qualitative research

  • Indian psychology

  • Positive psychology

  • Motivational Speaker


  • M.A. Applied Psychology Ph.D. Psychology, Delhi University

Academic Affiliations

  • Executive editor, Journal of Positive Psychology. (ISSN- 2249-6254)

  • Executive editor, Academia: An international multi – disciplinary journal. (ISSN -23950161)

  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, The Learning Curve, Psychology journal of Lady Shri Ram College

  • Life member NAOP

  • Life member Indian Science Congress

  • Life member Indian Association of positive psychology

Member of Select Committee

  • Member of M. Phil. Clinical Psychology Committee, Institute of Human BehaviourAllied Sciences (IBHAS)

  • Member Post Graduate Board of Research Studies (PGBORS), Department of Psychology, Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind, Haryana.

  • Member DRC (Departmental research committee) Amity University, Noida.

  • Member of UGC Learning Outcome based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for psychology, 2018.

  • Member Research Monitoring Committee of a research project between J.N.U. and Border Security Force (BSF) on Reason’s and ramifications of stress among B.S.F. Personnel

Published Research Work

  • A Critical analysis of social justice, collective identity, prejudice and stereotype: social and psychological perspective of the works of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar”, published in The Journal of Cyber News, Vol 7, number 1& 2. ISSN- 09760709. UGC affiliation no- 4439.

  • “Reciprocal Altruism and psychological sources of will and its impact on military psychology”, published in IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Reviews. June 2017. 145-147. ISSN -2347-3797. UGC No- 41948.

  • Counseling for community wellbeing and happiness”. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing. June 2017, 492-497. ISSN – 222-9-5356, Online ISSN- 2321-3698. Impact factor -0.47. UGC No- 42787. 

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 999 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

Before you take that plunge into the career, speak with him and see if the reality meets your expectations and how to prepare for the future

How to become a Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Nupur Tewari

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Being a life coach is not just about speaking great things in a loud voice. To be a coach you need to be a coach. When faced with challenges in life some get grumpy, others ignore the problems, while sort out the mess well. Comming from a small city in West Bengal, Nupur like others saw the trials of life, but what she did differently was the way she processed the information in the mind. She learnt, changed and managed to come out as a winner.

Today Nupur Tewari is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning transformation coach, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, community empowerment expert, an expert on Japanese productivity management, yoga consultant and a philanthropist. She is the founder of HealTokyo and HealIndya. Try doing a video and image search with just her name. Her achievements far outweigh her age. 

She has been awarded and recognized by the “Nargis Dutt Foundation, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce, SBI Foundation, Global Mice and UP Book of World Record for being the most fabulous woman leader in spiritual healing yoga, motivational speaking and transformation coaching. Also she has been recognized by the UN for helping women and children in Sri Lanka. Have a look at her profile below to know more

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-12 at 15.49_edited.jpg

Runs a Charity

Heal Tokyo is a socially motivated movement by Nupur Tewari focusing on the core problems

of people in Japan and India. Education and work stress being the core problems of India and

Japan respectively, Heal Tokyo is a unique way of addressing them at once. Nupur runs her

Heal Tokyo project in Tokyo where she teaches Yoga across companies, public places,

university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without

charging the participants anything at various places in Japan

A Cultural Ambassador to Japan

Nupur has been an ambassador of tourism in Kyushu region of Japan and has been involved in

hosting multiple TV and cultural shows in Japan in last 13 Years. Nupur’s endeavors in travel

and tourism along with her rhythms in Indian culture made her a loved figure in various

academic campuses in India. She has been a guest speaker at prestigious campuses of Indian

Institute of Travel Tourism and Management in Gwalior, Noida and Bhubaneshwar in India.


Nupur has been Cultural Ambassador of India in Fukuoka for 14 years - from the year 2003 to

2017, before moving to Tokyo. She believes in positivity and charm, and that made her

realize her own dream of doing movies, dramas and fashion shows. Her latest endeavor is to

organize India's first talk show on TV to host people from rural areas for their stories of change

and motivation.

Consultation & Fee

Fee Rs. 599 for a 30mins call on Zoom App

If you are considering being a motivational speaker, set up an appointment with her and see how she can help. Learn what life of a coach is, the success, money, offsets etc are to be really successful

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