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Coworking Space

Getting the experts to guide you is something we as an organisation enjoy. We believe that specialised knowledge cannot be general and should come from a trusted source. Many are hit by misinformation or information that was general and does not work for us. To avoid this Convoledge gets you people who know and will listen to your problem and give a solution that is up to date and for you. No more general knowledge from the web 

The Specialists

We have picked up some of the best specialists in their field. Most of them are decorated and are much sought after for consultations. Goes without saying that we will be adding more specialties going forward. If there is any particular one that you wish we add, do call, drop in a mail or message us. We will keep trying to get you all the answers

The Organisation

We are based out of Gurgaon and have a team of almost 15 people. We started in 2016 helping patients get an unbiased opinion from physicians in the USA. Soon we realised that consultation is desired not only from doctors but from a variety of professionals. Therefore we began experimenting, adding specialties one after the other to see how if it works. After 2 years of success, we decoupled this business from the older one to give it a separate identity, FB page and a brand new website. Its the same old team working but with new challenges. Do let us know how we are doing

Co-founder Speak

About Career in AI

Raising Funds & Optimising Finance

Company Registration, Compliance, Taxation

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